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Hupingshan tea garden is located in national nature reserve(changde city, hunan province)-covers 15,000 mu of alpine orgainic tea base,which managed under the idea of “company+cooperative+tea base+farmer”, it connects with around 11,000 farmers and expand more than 30000 mu of tea garden.


Guanzhuang ganfa tea garden is located in yuanling county,huaihua city, hunan province.it covers more than 4,500 acres of high-quality tea garden base, and the area under the jurisdiction of the tea garden is more than 20,000 acres.


The original place of origin Gold Village is located at 30°north latitude. It is the center of the Wuling Mountains in western Hunan. It has high mountains and valleys, lush forests, high mountains and deep valleys, with crisscross valleys. There is no severe cold in winter, no scorching heat in summer, clouds and mist, and a lot of diffused light. It is the feng shui treasure land of "high mountain clouds and mist produce good tea". The soil is mainly composed of horse liver soil and flat sand soil developed from limestone, dolomite, slate shale, etc., with a pH value of 4.2 to 6.5, which is very suitable for the growth of acid-friendly plants such as tea. Organic matter content is more than 2.0%, rich in selenium, phosphorus, iron, magnesium, and other elements. The amino acid content of the original leaves of golden tea produced in Baojing Golden Village is as high as 7.47%, which is twice that of ordinary green tea. The tea polyphenol content is about 20%, and the water extract content is up to nearly 50%. It has high "amino acids, high tea polyphenols" , High-water extract" characteristics, quality and chemical characteristics have reached the true "golden ratio" of the best green tea, which is rare at home and abroad!


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